Kura Vegetative Establishment

Sheaffer, C.C., R.D. Mathison, and P. Seguin.  2008.  Vegetative establishment of kura clover.  Canadian J. Plant Science. 921-924.


Kura clover (Trifolium ambiguum M. Bieb.) is a rhizomatous perennial legume that is often challenging to establish from seed. Our objectives were to evaluate the effect of planting date (early April, late April, and mid-May), plant material (rhizomes and rhizomes with buds), and rhizome planting density (11, 44, and 178 plants m2) on establishment of Kura clover. Establishment of the clover was enhanced by early April planting using rhizomes with buds. Kura clover populations increased with increased rhizome planting densities. Establishment of Kura clover at a rhizome density of 178 rhizome m2 has the potential to provide yield and stands similar to broadcast seeding.


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