Dr. Craig Sheaffer teaches (and co-teaches) several courses at the University of Minnesota including:

AGRO 1103 - Crops, Environment, and Society

Plants that supply food, fiber, beverages, and medicine to humans. Plant identification, plant physiology, plant breeding/biotechnology, plant ecology, crop culture/management.

AGRO 4888 - Issues in Sustainable Agriculture

Agroecology, sustainable practices, production economics, environmental quality, holistic resource management, healthy food/water, rural communities. Meet sustainable-agriculture advocates, including farmers, faculty, and representatives of non-profit sustainable-agriculture organizations.

FDSY 2101 - Plant Production Systems

How food production systems fit within overall food system. Fundamentals of soils, plant nutrition, plant production metabolites as they affect food production systems. Decisions that differentiate among conventional sustainable/organic systems.

For more information about these classes and other courses in agriculture, please see the University of Minnesota course catalogue.

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